dijous, 15 de febrer de 2018

DVD: Einmal Han mit scharfer sobe

Títol: Einmal Han mit scharfer sobe

Registre: 1317

Director: Buket Alakus

Idioma: Alemany

Subtítols: Alemany

Gènere: Comèdia

Duració: 91 min.


Hatice is the older of two daughters of Turkish parents living in Germany. And while their father is open minded and has adapted to the Western lifestyle in most regards, he still stands firm on some Turkish traditions. One of them is that a younger daughter cannot get married before her older sisters. With her younger sister already pregnant, Hatice is under pressure to find a husband in a hurry. But she isn't going to marry just anybody. Her husband must be German. And he must have the fire of a Turkish man. The search of a suitable man is on.

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