dimarts, 16 de gener de 2018

Llibre: Under the moon

Títol: Under the moon

Registre: 1256

Autor: Rowena Akinyemi

Editorial: Oxford University Press

Col·lecció: Oxford Bookworms 1

Idioma: Anglès

Nivell: A1


It is the year 2522, and the planet Earth is dying. The Artificial Ozone Layer is only 300 years old, but is burning down on Earth with a white fire.
There is not water. Without water, nothing can live. Trees die, plants die, animals die, people die...
In a colony under the moon, people wait for news-news from home, news from the planet Earth, a young man watches numbers on a computer screen. the numbers tell a story, and the young man is afraid. the planet Earth is burning, burning ...

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